Umana, enveloping textiles where our nest comes to life

UMANA creates and offers high quality products with soft minimalistic designs destined to support early childhood development. Designed to last and be reused, each product is the result of a long reflection and the understanding of baby’s needs, of his motor and cognitive capacities, as well as of his vision of the world and of his unique universe.   

UMANA accompanies parents through the most beautiful journey of their lifetime with softness and elegance.

UMANA products are inspired by Slow Parenting and a lifestyle that focuses on living in the moment and strengthening the parent-child bond.

The organic and ecological textiles envelop the whole family's everyday life in exceptional softness. Selected with care, UMANA mainly uses tencel, Sandwash, cotton and high-density extensible Oeko-Tex certified spandex.

Pure and timeless lines, a neutral and non-gendered color palette, quality materials, safe and durable manufacturing ensure our products last over time, so that they can benefit more than one generation.

A natural and intuitive choice for new parents.

UMANA is the culmination of a rich story, born out of a deep desire to make a difference for future generations.

Education being one of its primary values, UMANA accompanies new parents by offering them concrete and practical tools in order to live a gentle, benevolent and proximal parenthood.

Finally, the team has grown at the same time as the company has, welcoming mainly young parents, with diverse experiences and, above all, complementary expertise. The UMANA family currently has nearly ten employees, many partners and collaborators, as well as a strong network of suppliers allowing us to offer ethically manufactured products of high quality.  All bring a piece of their own experience and participate directly or indirectly in the fortification of UMANA's DNA.