Ways to wear your baby

Babywearing is the closest thing there is to being inside the womb. For nine months, your baby listened to your heartbeat, swayed to the rhythm of your movements, and experienced life through you. When you wear your baby, you feed this sense of familiarity. And because you can feel, hear, see and sense him on your body, you know he’s safe.

There are lots of ways you can choose to wear your baby and give him the chance to discover the world with you.

The ‘visible and kissable’ front carry
Think of this as a sort of transitional womb or natural extension of pregnancy. With your baby facing you, you can breastfeed easily (hands-free!), communicate and read each other’s facial expressions. As your baby gets older, he’ll start to turn his head to get a better view what’s going on behind him. Because you’re facing him, you can respond by turning sideways and describing all there is to see.

The ‘piggyback-style’ back carry
Who doesn’t love a piggyback ride? By wearing your baby on your back, you give him the chance to experience more freedom of movement while more evenly distributing his weight across your shoulders and hips. And because he’s facing forward when on your back, your baby gets to see the world from your point of view.

The ‘Look ma, no hands!’ hip carry
A happy medium between a front carry and a back carry, the hip carry allows your baby to cling to you while getting a full view of his surroundings. And since it’s something of a natural instinct for most people to place a child on their hip, it’s an easy carrying style for dads and grandparents. Plus, it’s a convenient way to continue to breastfeed discreetly and hands-free.

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