An eco-friendly company focused on sustainable development

As an eco-friendly organization, our decisions and actions are guided by our desire to limit our impact on the use of our precious collective resources. We also attach great importance to the social economy. We want to help as many families as possible to practice babywearing. In order to offer an equal opportunity to all parents, we focus on offering second-hand products at a lower cost. This is also in line with the aim of respecting the life cycle of the products we design, promoting the circular economy and having a positive impact on our ecological footprint.

A second life for our products

Do you want to change your cover design? Do you have a Umana baby carrier that is no longer used at home? We are takers! We have implemented a refurbishment program to give our products a second life. By returning the product you no longer need, you will be able to recover 20% of the amount paid when you purchase it. You will then have to choose between: making a donation to the Hayden Labbé Foundation, obtaining a Umana credit or receiving a cash amount.

If you want to advantage of the refurbishment program, please contact us by email at

After the purchase, we inspect the products using a refurbishment protocol tailored to our products. We ensure their quality and safety by making the necessary corrections through the services of a Quebec SME. Then, we are able to offer them at a reduced price to other parents who would also like to enjoy the benefits of carrying and our products. Let yourself be carried away by the movement and offer yourself change... for a good cause!

Certified textiles

The textiles of the baby carrier are in direct contact with your children's skin and sometimes even their mouths. We were therefore concerned to choose the best possible raw materials to ensure the safety of your little ones. Our Organic, OEKO-TEX and GOTS certifications confirm that the textiles we use have not been exposed to pesticides or chemicals that could potentially be toxic. We are committed to respecting the environment around us.

A mobility and fashion accessory

Our baby carrier works with a patented anchoring system, a unisex and adjustable harness, as well as flexible interchangeable poches. Much more than a simple mobility tool, our baby carrier is also a fashion accessory. We have therefore worked with a talented local designer to offer you personalized and unique models.

An inclusive baby carrier

Every child is different because each child has unique needs that differentiate them from others. As he grows up, his needs evolve, just like him. Until recently, however, no baby carrier on the market could adapt to the reality of all children, from premature to three years old. That's why we have designed an ergonomic, innovative and scalable product from the ground up. We have surrounded ourselves with health professionals and industrial design experts to create a quality, durable and safe product.