If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what we’re all about.

Well, like a lot of stories, ours begins with a baby. A baby boy, Hayden was his name. And like a lot of babies, he needed special care.

As any parent would, Hayden’s parents made his welfare their number one priority. They even moved to Quebec so he could get specialized occupational therapy treatments with Marie-Ève Caron, then a practising occupational therapist specializing in pediatric neurodevelopment.

Aware of the positive impact of babywearing on a child’s brain development, Marie-Ève was amazed to find there wasn’t a single baby carrier on the market that could help Hayden. What’s worse, there was hardly any reliable information available to parents on the proven benefits of babywearing.

That was all it took to kick-start Marie-Ève’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Her goal? To develop an ergonomic baby carrier and other natural parenting solutions that could help all families—not just those with special needs.

And as anyone who’s met Marie-Ève knows, her enthusiasm is contagious. Soon, she was surrounded by other visionaries willing and able to help her make Umana a reality.

Passion and persistence paid off, and Marie-Ève secured a number of government subsidies to help bring her vision of a stylish and ergonomic baby carrier to life.

To develop the prototype, she partnered with Tactix—a local industrial design firm specializing in wearable tech. For more than two years, an advisory committee of kinesiologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors and pediatricians handpicked by Marie-Ève validated every feature, from A to Z.

The result is a unique, evolutive and ergonomic baby carrier with a fashion-forward, sustainable design. In other words, a baby carrier that does as much good for your baby’s physical and neurodevelopment as it does for your own sense of style and freedom.

So there you have it, that’s our story. Inspired by one boy’s special needs and driven by one woman’s passion.

That’s what Umana is all about.